Practice Photography Anytime Any Place

practice photography anytime, any place
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When do you do your photography? Weekends? In the morning? Late afternoon or late night? Sometimes it's hard to mark a schedule in towards our hobbies when there are so much distractions that surrounds us. Especially family commitments and work.

There are times though during your spare time, that you can fit them in, right into your work schedule. This is not for everybody. But will apply only to some who's work is about a waiting game and a bit of routine work and a handful of free time in between. Sometimes you can even incorporate them to both. Take photos whilst doing your routine work.

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I used to work in the hotels. It was a dull job to say the least, especially when there are eyes on you most times hoping for you to make a minor mistake so them, the bosses can pounce on you like it was the most horrid thing you've ever done. This is how it was like for me working in 5 star hotels. I think it's just the industry, because it was across the board in many different hotels I was assigned at.

practice photography anytime, any place
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One hotel I worked in, often times buzzes with life, functions and events. Hotel staff would set up for the event and often times, there are gaps in between when there's nothing else is there after the set up. At night time, this becomes even more photographers haven, because there is nobody there. Staff are at their skeletal and you get to walk around on secured places, because you happen to have access to them. It comes with the job you see. On quiet nights (which often they are). During my rounds, I would carry my camera with me and take photos of anything that would interest me. It is one of the great places to practice your photography skills, because the environment that you are in are relatively different. There are all sorts of photo's that you can take. For example, the Ferrari below. This photo was taken on a low light scenario. I was just starting to get really into photography at this time and my knowledge and resources were limited. Also you can't really set up with your photographic lighting because, you are after all, at work. Time is against you.

Exclusive access

practice photography anytime, any place
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As a normal, low income earner, how often do you get to see exclusive rooms? Hotels are renowned for having the best looking places and interesting places. Having access to this already decorated room gives you a vantage point. All you really need is a bit of forethought in terms of lighting, composition and other techniques that you might want to use.

But I don't work in hotels

That's OK, if you don't work in hotels. I don't work in hotels any more too. What I am saying is, use the spare time that you have and get creative. There will be something in your work place that will be attractive and worth taking photos of. Or get creative at least. You just have to make sure, that the places where you take photos will not get you in trouble. You don't want to release a sense of security risk on the internet now would you. One of the work places I worked in, isn't like the hotels, so there isn't much for me to play around with, so I had to get creative. See these photos below? I took a photo of them right at work!

If you really want to get good at photography, not only you need to educate yourself by reading, heck you might even want to formally train perhaps online...but a lot of practice. Read a little bit and practice a lot!

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